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Custom Metal Products, Inc. has always been a leader in assisting engineers in the design and development of parts needed for production. By being involved in the design, a more cost effective item is realized for your company. In an ever evolving industry, we are continuously expanding, updating, and monitoring this service to enhance your design, development and purchasing areas. Our Quality Control procedures developed around ISO 9002 inspection requirements was established to ensure the contractual requirements of our customers.

Custom Metal Products has the ability to make products from your own generated Cad drawings and files, (DXF, IGS, etc.) These are converted to a working product, saving time, ensuring quality, and a more efficient prototype resulting in expedited production runs.

Engineering Services All Gauges Traceable to NIST

– On location Engineering and Design
– Portable CAD System and Quoting
– Comprehensive CAD Systems Equipment
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  • Autocad v13 and v14
  • Metalsoft FabriVISION reverse digitizing
  • Amanda CAD/CAM – True Shape nesting
  • Metalsoft CAD/CAM 3-D Unfold
  • Teksoft CAD/CAM

FabriVISION digitizing scanner for First Article Inspections and Reverse Engineering of flat parts

  • Assorted thread gauges
  • +.0002″ Pin Gauges .011″ – 1.0″
  • 24″ Mitutoyo Height Gauge
  • Assorted Outside Micrometers 0″ – 24″
  • Assorted Inside Micrometers 2″ – 12″
  • Bore Gauge Micrometers 1.4″ – 4″
  • Assorted Calipers 6″ – 24″
  • Electric Coating Thickness Detector