int1Custom Metal Products, Inc. was an early leader in Turnkey processing by combining various processes into one source.  We can handle all aspects including design, engineer, prototype, finish and assembly.

We understand the principles of rapid sheetmetal prototyping. The balance between concept, design and execution of prototypes is a critical factor in building relationships and customer satisfaction. Custom Metal Products, Inc. has a broad range of talent, skills and capabilities which are aligned to the unique characteristics of each project. Today, more than ever, customers expect service excellence that draws from our industry experience to deliver prototypes that meet their expectations.

CaptureCustom Metal Products strengthens partnerships with suppliers, partners and customers to provide a continuous cost effective supply chain solution, which is achieved via confidence and mutual trust.  Our strong network of approved professionals allows us to offer completed parts or units to your specifications.

The exchange of knowledge, harnessing of expertise, and the strengthening of strategic alliances is paramount to give us the corporate edge needed to be competitive in today’s economy. Custom Metal product’s road map for the future is delivering real-value solutions for our customers.