Custom Metal Products, Inc. has implemented a host of
comprehensive Quality Control Procedures and Standards that
contribute to the success of our customers and include:qual2

  • Consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations for product quality and performance
  • Effective communication between customers and our associates
  • Engaging current technologies and improving our processes
  • Ensuring accurate tolerances free of defects
  • Timely delivery

Quality is the focus from the first engineering reviews to customer delivery.  Custom Metal Products, Inc. prides itself on the high level of quality manufacturing that has built our reputation for years.  Our Quality Assurance team ensures that, at every stage of production, the components are correct to their specified requirements based on ISO 9002 standards. Using digital measuring and logging equipment, we monitor entire production runs to ensure every component conforms to requirements.  Flat parts can be “Reverse Engineered” directly into CAD files which ensure accurate tolerance ranges for First Article Inspection.

From material to process specification, we evaluate our clients’ products and make recommendations for the most cost-effective method of production.  We continually search for new ideas and solutions to give us the corporate edge needed to be competitive in today’s economy.  Custom Metal Products’ road map for the future is delivering real-value solutions for our customers. qual3